How to Use VoIP on Your Smartphone?

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol refers to usage of internet as a baseline for making phone calls. This is popular because of its inexpensiveness. You can make VoIP calls from your telephone if it has the capacities of downloading and installing its apps.

Normally, Smartphone devices like BlackBerry, iPhone and Android are used for such third party applications. If your cell phone is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can easily make a VoIP call, bypassing your regular cellular operator. Here is a simple guideline on how you can use VoIP applications on your Smartphone.

Five Easy Steps:

First of all, download the VoIP app of your choice. You can do it using your Smartphone’s application store.
On your home screen, open the VoIP app and follow the given instructions for setting up a VoIP account. In order to make the call using the downloaded app, you will have to purchase credit or minutes from the provider.

Click on run to start the application and program to make a call or for doing other related tasks. You can do this, by signing up for a particular package of your choice and affordability range. You will have a phonebook on your VoIP app, so add up the numbers you want to call on and save them. For this, just click on the ‘contacts’ button on the toolbar and press ‘add a contact’. Moreover, you can enter the username or emailing address of the person, you want to make a call to, just click ‘find‘. When you see that the desired person’s name has appeared, click ‘Add’ and the contact will be added to your contact list.

Now, when have the application installed, phonebook ready and credit purchased, you can add up a contact number, make a call, and send an instant message to the person of your choice.

Here, you need to keep in mind that when you sign up for a given package with any VoIP company, you can call FREE to the home network (same network). However, in order to call other networks and landline, you will have to purchase credit or sign up for a certain plan.

There are lots of generic as well as provider specific VoIP apps. So, you have to be very clear and specific while selecting an app for your cell phone. Your needs, requirements and ultimately budget decides what you need to install and use. However, one thing is sure that the VoIP technology will be a critical need in coming days.

Keeping certain aspect of technology and patterns of public usage, you can easily tell that the technology has a bright future.

Statistics show that by the year 2015, the VoIP apps for mobile will generate over $30 billion revenue for their developers. Apart from the cheap calling facility, the public appetite for Smartphone devices owing to the innovative features and applications is the main factor that will contribute to the development of the industry in the coming days.

How to Use VoIP on Your Smartphone? is a post from: Snakebytez


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